[yak ] Leaving Orchid

I agree 100%. We need to think about the merit of what we have
to say. A lot of people could read more and type less. I
wouldn’t mind if the metal and lapidary topics were split into
two separate lists.

Dick Caverly

I think I’m probably one of those that types too much. This is
a wonderful forum that I found only two months ago when I finally
got on the net. I was addicted immediately and because of a long
vacation (17 days) without a ‘hit’ jumped back in full force! I
would hate to be a contributing cause of deterring anyone from
membership and contributing to the group because there was too
much “yak”. That said though, I do enjoy the lighthearted witty
humor that comes across – it breaks up my day and gives me a

The idea of including “yak” in the subject seems like a really
good idea! You can read it if you have time and thereby get to
know the members on a more personal level or just stick with the
technical stuff. Also, (as I have, in fact, already done several
times this past week) posts that do not have merit for the group
could be posted, as suggested, to the person and not the group.

     My third suggestion -- i would like to see the person
responding to a post include a snippet of what the original
was about 

Dave’s other suggestion to include a is really a good
one. I’m often lost because I don’t remember the original. Even
if its just the subject and original author it would help. (You
could look it up in the archives) I’m one with the well known
CRS, mental pause, etc. who drives in the wrong direction, any
supporting documentation helps me heaps!

One last note, since I do both metal and lapidary I like both
being on the same list, however couldn’t the subject include
“metal” or “lapidary” in the same manner as “yak”?

For what its worth, that’s my 2 cents.

Bacliff, TX USA

Hey gang,

As long as we’re giving constructive feedback, I’d like to
suggest that people enable the spell-checker on their email
programs, or compose their mail in a word-processor with
spell-checking and paste into an email program. This is more
intended for the “native” English speaking people… non-English
speaking people have an excuse! :wink:

Sorry to be so uptight, but my father is a technical writer and
it was beaten into me!

Another stoning now?


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

I agree, it is a great idea.Let’s make it a matter of
etiquette.If it is YAK, call it YAK in the subject field.

Michael Mathews USA

Here, Here! Some of the spellings are humorous but after a while
you begin to wonder about the level of education of some of us

Hi all,

I agree with spell-checking, as well as precise grammatical
structure and correct usage of technical terminology. If, as a
goldsmith using from this forum, I utilise procedures
and chemical formulae where minute deviation brings unwanted
results, I would expect that the original be as
accurate as possible. I simply have neither the desire nor the
time to waste on misleading or inaccurate items.

Apology is redundant where the discipline of accuracy is
involved; being that both of my parents are professional artists
and teachers in this field, they expect only the best of me, as I
would seek in others. (Note: We don’t have time to beat each
other, we’re too busy!)

And now, I think I’ll go iron some more Vulcan starch into my
business suit.

Daniel P. Buchanan dan@nelsonhouse.com

Be that as it may, neither the beauty of a person’s work, nor
their skills as an artisan, are dependent on grammar and
spelling. Inaccuracies can be expressed as easily with good
grammar as bad. Language skills might even be a plus for
deliberately making misleading statements!

Having said all that, I, too, find some of the grammar and
spelling I see disturbing, to the point where it sometimes
causes me to be unreceptive to what the other person is trying
to communicate.

Let’s try it this way: Everyone, please, try and communicate
more clearly. Watch yer grammer an’ spellin’.

As for the rest of us pedants: Lighten up, folks! Parts of
this conversation sounded almost elitist!

If I offended anyone, please forgive me.

Marrin Fleet
Memphis, TN

No offense taken.

I would like to remind folks that speak American english, that
there is another standard for spelling English words – that is,
English English. It is in use world-wide.

So when we-folk who follow the English standard spell 'jewelry’
as ‘jewellery’ we are spelling it the right way ;o)

I think too much emphasis is being placed on this and that
tolerance for individual’s differences is a better idea. There
has not been a single message during my 2 months with Orchid that
I think merits this thread. I read them all.

I also think that while not necessarily being offensive to folks
who write English as a second language, this discussion could be
causing them to feel intimidated. I, for one, value the input we
are are receiving from around the world.

My 2 loonies worth. (and loonies aren’t worth that much these


P.S. Some of us don’t have spell-checkers in our email
programmes and while writing in a word processor and then
importing to the mailer is a way around that dilemma, it is not
a very practical one.

I subscribed to this list to learn technical aspects of metal
work. What I have received is more than that. There is a personal
side and warmth that is more important. English is not the only
language here and it is ignorant to assume that. This current
wave of intolerance will pass as these people discover that
their own personal problems are still there.

Mike McKim

I agree Colleen. I hope folks can manage to look around the
misspellings and grammar problems. The meat of the discussion is
just that, it is not the spelling or the grammar. Besides, I
am a terrible speller and I constantly forget to use the spell
checker in Eudora-Pro (wonderful e-mail program).


John and Cynthia/MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Maiden Metals/C. T. Designs/ Bloomin’ Wax Works. etc.

PO Bx 44, Philo
CA 95466
Ph 707-895-2635 FAX 707-895-9332

The playfulness of the Universe
is reflected in the dance of the stars!

i find it interesting that since i have been in this forum for
two weeks or so the most dscussed topic has been this thing about
grammer and spelling. how did that happen ? hu kares about dat

Well Said Mike: I wrote about this a few days ago but never saw
the posts till now, why do we feel the need to judge each other
by some unimportant stuff. I always try to remember , “There by
the Grace of God goes I”


There is another problem regarding the use of English which I
have seen develop lately. There is obviously a large contingent
of Orchid members in the USA and Canada, this is fairly obvious
from the spelling of ‘jewelry’. Many people sign their messages
but do not say where they come from. I realise that not many
people want to put their address and phone number on the
internet for obvious reasons. putting say California USA at the
end of their message would be enough. There are many messages
from people who want the address of a supplier of a specific
piece of equipment; for example, if someone in the US asks about
a supplier for a new polishing motor and I in the UK give them
names and addresses of suppliers in the UK, that would not be
much use, unless they are willing to pay high shipping costs.
What do other people feel about these problems?

Richard Whitehouse

This hang up on spelling is too much for me!!! I thought that
this forum was for Jewelry Craftmen not english majors! Lets all
get back to what we are suposed to be focusing on … Jewelry.
Vernon Wilson

Off line, in english, I’m a language/spelling freak. However, I
speak several languages other than my native english, and I thank
God that no one so far has been intolerant of my unlikely
spelling choices in those languages. Dutch is one of them, think
about the possibilities there…Yike! True, obvious mis-spells
make me stumble for a second, but I honestly feel that content
ought to override style. So write away, spell
poorly,(porely,pourley,poarly) and please help me when I need
it, or show me something new, and the rest of us, (at least I
will), promise not to rap your fingers with our rulers anymore
when you’re not as orthographic,(get out your unabridged
dictionaries please), as a few. Shame on us for possibly
intimidating anyone over spelling. Sheesh! :wink: Lisa P.S. No spell
check on my e-mail either.

    I subscribed to this list to learn technical aspects of
metal work. What I have received is more than that. There is a
personal side and warmth that is more important. 

G’day, Mike et al; Good on yer! I really couldn’t agree more
with that comment. Cheers,

       / /    John Burgess, 
      / /
     / //\    @John_Burgess2
    / / \ \
   / (___) \

This is responding to the fellow from the UK about the spelling
of “jewelry”.

In Canada, and I’m proud to say it, we spell it “jewellery”.
Beautiful spelling, if you ask me.


(BC Canada)

I worked in a studio in Boston years ago called The Jeweller’s

Richard D. Hamilton
Martha’s Vineyard
Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography


With reference to the spelling of jewelry as opposed to jewellry,
I suggest everyone refer to it as an article of adornment.