[yak]: Introducing - Lori Kovash

Ahhh… yes, not the same. As the name implies, Appalachian
State is high up in the Appalachian mountains , in Boone, NC. And
it’s COLD COLD COLD in the winter! I’d much rather be in Arizona
(especially somewhere near Tucson) in the winter! Please try not
to horde all the sun and warm weather!

Dave Sebaste
Charlotte, NC

P.S. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves carrying on this
conversation with Lori’s name all over the Subject line… and not
even including her in the conversation! :wink:


Hi Dave, Arizona State University. Where it is 70 and sunny
every winter day, and HOT HOT HOT in the summer. But right now,
Arizona is Heaven. Have a wonderful Holiday. Joan