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[YAK] Internet Service Needed

Orchid Notice:
{ Y. A. K. }
Please contact the author off list!

All, Lately in my email from Orchid and other sources I have received
a lot of mail with attachments that I will not open because of virus
fears. I have also found some of our copywrited pictures taken off
our website and posted on others websites as if they cut the stones.
So, now I am looking for an Internet Service person that will
specialize in gleaning my email for viruses and tracking my copy
writed website for violations. I would like this service to track
down the sender or thief and bombard them with the latest and newest
in viruses and anything else that will destroy their ability to
operate on the Internet. If anything will lead to the Internet losing
its ability to be free and unhindered by government regulations it is
these people. Anyone know of such a service?

Gerry Galarneau

** Hanuman’s Response **

Dear Gerry;

You might want to sign up to http:/ services. They
scan all your incoming and outgoing emails for viruses. Their prices
stats at 1.85$/month

As for copyright protection, as far as I know, no protection service
is available. It is your responsibility. You might consider water
marking your images.

A list of ISPs, services and rating is available at