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[yak] Intel Internet Phone

Greetings Orchidites- I ran across an interesting site the other
day, and I thought to share this with all of you. Intel has a
download site for their Internet Video Phone at
This site describes the operation and setup of this system, and
also the fact that even if your pc does not have a video capture
device and software, their internet phone will still work for
you, only you will only be able to send audio only, but can
receive audio and video. If you have the video camera on your
machine, so much the better. Think about this a minute- Say you
have a pressing problem and you need help fast, too fast to wait
for your post to go to Ganoksin, be posted, and wait for a
response. Why, you could crank up the old computer, call up John
Burgess or another orchid wizard and have your solution. Or say
you are having trouble getting your problem across to everyone
by typing it out- it loses something in the translation, right?
Call up your helpful orchid mentor and away you go. The really
beautiful thing about this is that you won’t have a long distance
phone bill because you aren’t using the phone! You are paying for
an ISP already, so it costs you nothing additional to call in
this manner. This is a great solution for the problem that we are
all spread around the whole world, don’t you think? They even
have a directory for Intel Internet Phone users where you can
look up anyone using this software and call them with your
computer. Oh, and one more thing- did I mention that in addition
to not having a long distance charge that the software is
absolutely free of charge? You can download the software from, register your listing in one of four or five
directories and make long distance VIDEO calls and it costs you
not a dime. This is a trial version of Intel’s system and it is
free of charge and will operate until Sept. 1998. Isn’t
technology wonderful? Regards-Ricky Low