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[YAK] Hurricane Gustav

Well once again, I am forced to evacuate the city due to government
edicts. I would like to thank all the Orchid members that helped me
through the last storm, and ask that all of you light a candle,
pray, cast a circle, meditate, -whatever it is you do to call on any
energies you may be in contact with to intervene in my behalf or
allow for some degree of protection for such a petty request as not
loosing everything I own again! Special Thanks to Jeff Herman at the
Society of American Silversmiths. I am still without windows, a
functioning back door, and other basic housing niceties, but my
studio- more important to me than the house - is at least workable,
and at the moment dry.I have done what I can to insure against
damage and theft and am hoping that no one compromises my studio, my
tools,equipment or supplies. Please remember New Orleans in the
coming days and for the storm to be minimal, swiftly gone, and
without major incident. Thank god for valium! My best to you all,

Dr. R.E.Rourke

Well once again, I am forced to evacuate the city due to government

You have my thoughts and sympathies. I hope and pray that you and
all those in New Orleans will not be subjected to the flooding again.
I think I’ll take a tornado instead of a hurricane… the likelihood
of a twister hitting twice in the same spot is remote. Not unheard
of, but certainly very rare.

We just cannot fool or change Mother Nature - the best we can do is
plan ahead.

All my best,
Judy in Kansas

My heart goes out to all who are under the threat of Gustav. So much
weight to the heart and mind, to the spirit and the possible weight
of damage, repair and financial upheaval. Good luck to you all. Be

Love, Marianne
Marianne Hunter

My prayers are with you. Most of my family in Lake Charles have

Bobbie Horn
Brownfield, TX

Here’s a great site for hurricane tracking:

Be safe,
Jeff Herman