[YAK] How is your list different from Orchid? [Oops. Sorry...)

 Has anyone considered sugar instead of vinegar? If we truly
are helpful to one another, doesn't that include peaceful
resolution to a perceived problem? 


You’re so right. Here, in reading Dereks post, I got upset at
what I self rightously felt was his unnecessary remarks, and what
did I do? Broke my own advice and jumped right in with my own.
Thats the trouble with flames and similar "holier than thou"
opinions. Posting them puts you right in with the lowest common
denominator in the flame war. Usually, lower even… No longer
matters who’s right or wrong, just that yet another idiot with
an opinion thought the rest of the world really needed to hear
it, and that of course, he knew better and had the right to tell
the world so. I should have read what I was writing before
posting it. Anyway, I apologize to Derek and the list as a
whole. Shoulda kept my trap shut.


Peter Rowe