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[yak] Happy Memorial Day

Carol: Memorial Day is not a day to celebrate, but a time to
acknowledge the sacrifices our ancestors made for the freedoms
that we take for granted. I have ancestors who fought and died
in the American Revolution, Civil War, WW I and WW II. My uncle,
a pilot at age 23, was shot down over New Guinea, April 10,
1942. He gave his life that I may enjoy the freedom’s that we
have today. I have his Purple Heart and Medal for Gallantry In
Action, only wishing that he were here instead of the medals. I
realize that your message was in error. Let’s celebrate with
exuberance the Forth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and New
Years. We must remember our freedoms are few and they are being
chipped away. So many lives have been given to get us to this
point, let us cherish our freedoms and do all that is necessary
to protect them.


Roger W. Kitchens