[YAK] Graphics Software BS

Hi Gang,

Sorry if this is a little off on a tangent… a little more for
the computer power users (doing Web sites and stuff) than
general jewelry info. Sorry for the interruption if you’re not

A little while back I asked you guys (& gals) for a
recommendation for a software package that could provide a
“contact sheet”, or thumbnail view of all the images in a given
folder (directory). A couple people pointed out that LViewPro
(which I already loved) offers the feature. Several more people
recommended PaintShop Pro, for which I have since developed a
great deal of admiration.

Today I installed Microsoft Media Manager. It seems to be an
enhancement to Windows 95 Explorer, which gives you the ability
to index, annotate and create a thumbnail view of a gazillion
different forms of media files you might have on your computer!
You can see the images, play AVIs & sound files, etc., right
from within the Explorer!

I got it with Visual Studio (a high-end developer package), but
I don’t know if, or where it is otherwise available. Pretty
darn cool, because it essentially integrates managing your media
files into the operating system! If I can find out more about
availability, I’ll let you know!

Now, back to your regular program…


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

P.S. Disclaimer: I am a Microsoft employee. Opinions expressed
here are my own, and are not based on any desire to promote any
company’s products over another company’s. Just trying to help
out, don’t you know?