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[YAK] good reading

Wow Sandra,

I MUST know what brand coffee you’re drinking there. Heh heh.

I enjoyed reading them on this fine and easygoing Sunday morning.

Warmest regards,


P.S. I drink Raven’s Brew’s Deadman’s Reach coffee.

“One who dies with coffee in one’s body enter’s not into hellfire”
-Diahdab – Dan Biery - Esoteric Artist/ Craftsman/ Master Goldsmith/
Industrial Designer/ AWI Certified Watchmaker

Sandra, I enjoyed your essays too. I have one question on scenic
jasper. I was under the impression that it was composed of
solidified volcanic ash, maybe with grain size evened out by being a
lake deposit, and then that the coloration was iron staining that was
incorporated differently in the more permeable layers. The greenish
or bluish “sky” portion is usually surrounded by browns. I was under
the impression that the brown had more oxidation and the iron was
changed in it, whereas in the heart of the piece the greenish blue
had not been changed. I have never heard of algae in relationship to
scenic jasper. I was just wondering where that came from?

Thank you,
Rose Alene McArthur