[YAK] Engaged deeper with your site visitors

Hello all,

I know allot of you run web sites and would be interested in
engadging deeper with your site visitors. In December Google brought
out “Friend Connect” which gives web site owners a simple ways of
adding a community aspect to their site.

I have implemented it on the HCJ Project site:
http://handmadecontemporaryjewellery.com If you are interested in
finding out how to add it to your site you can find more information
at: http://www.google.com/friendconnect/

I think it would be interesting if people added it to their sites and
we all joined each others. It would initially help people get over
the slightly embarrassing period after you have added the code to
your site, where you have “no members”. But more interestingly it
would build a fairly instant “network” of jewellery sites.