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[YAK] Economics of Pricing One-of-a-kind (Long one)

on suggests materials + time + 6 1/2 % ; another says double the
materials cost and add time costs; another says take time +
materials and add 50% etc etc. I wondered what has actually
worked well for others. What works for you?

The next tricky issue is how much do we pay ourselves for our
labor (actual work, planning, designing, even thinking about what
we’re doing on a piece) The responses on Orchid range from
$20.00/hour to $65.00. Does this make a difference if you are
working in Gold or fine silver, or sterling, since Gold
(especially with seems to have a higher markup price
than silver ?

I know alot of this is very individual, but it sure helps to
have an ongoing discussion and to hear how other handle this- so
I’ll be looking forward to more from you. Sandra

Sandra Buchholz
Elegant Insects