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[Yak Digest] ICQ

There is the undernet which supplies live time communication via
you keyboard. The system is set to supply these services free of

To establish a 24 hour, year round site dedicated to a specific
purpose, you need ten interested parties to submit their email
address’ to the undernet authorities. It takes about ten working
days for them to process and approve a new site (chat room). With
ten people they assign a bot (a software program that holds the
site open and dedicated). There is no fee for this service.

The ID #orchid is already taken by the orchid growing (the flower)
enthusiest. But other names are available. This is a great way to
network and would prove highly beneficial as it is instant (within
a minute or so max), without the delays of several days inherent in
bulletin boards.

If any are interested in setting this up as adjunct to ORCHID let
me know, be glad to help.

Lester Poole