[YAK] Cruise ship "security"

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Dear all, and enjoy this story!

I was waiting for the appropriate time to send this letter from our
cruise trip. Emailing was too expensive. Now we’re home here is the

Last Tuesday morning we were awoken at 8:30 a.m. with a very loud
knocking of our cabin door…“Open this door, we are the American
security and we must inspect your room”. I ran to the door wearing
only my underwear and opened it seeing three men dressed in black
with guns at their sides and wearing lapel badges. Get dressed and
get out now, where is your wife?.." she is in the washroom". “Don’t
let her flush the toilet, have her get dressed and let us in, now”.

As we were with a group of 4 couples I initially thought that this
was a prank. But seeing the ships security among this little forceful
group those thoughts quickly left my mind.

As were standing in the hall and many folks waking around I beckoned
my next door friend to view this little escapade. I was then warned
not to get too close to my friend and not to talk to him!!

One of these “inspecting, bull-mastiff’s” asked who has the
combination of the room safe? I replied, “we both do”… “well get it

At this point, I asked the ship’s almost friendly looking security,
“does this happen all the time?”… “Sometimes, and occasionally they
bring on board a drug-sniffing dog to check out if anyone were
bringing on board some drugs from some from the islands”. He was told
not to talk to freely with the rooms passengers…a.k.a. me!!!

As there is a proliferation of drug smuggling, everyone is warned
not to do any “buying”.

There were other rooms down the hall involved in this “tour of room

Apparently we were listed on the rooms to be searched ahead of time.
Again we were asked upon leaving that morning if we were “cleared to
depart” for the next point of debarkation before touring another
island…Security is very tight on these cruise lines, and so it
should be in this times we all live in. Sometimes it can be rather
interesting and challenging…Gerry!