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[YAK] Chatroom with some interesting possibilities

Hi Folks,

This is pretty much off topic, but has much to do with our field.
For purposes, there is a new chat room sponsored by a
gemstone rough supplier/award facetor that is pretty cool. It’s
hosted every weeknight by either a facetor or a jewelry designer.
What’s cool about this place is a chance to talk to the elusive
’cutters’ that do so much of what we work with and also some
cross-interested ‘benchers’. There has been an attendance of
about 40 different people over the last month or so, and no lack
of intelligent conversation. Although no big draw, I host a night
a week myself concerning Gem and jewelry design and have had some
incredible metal working/setting ideas offered by the lapidary
members. All the hosted chats start at 9pm PST and mine is
Tuesday nights. There is a posted schedule of all other nights
and special presentations Friday nights by the sponsor of the
chat room, Paul T. Ahlstedt. (AGTA Cutting Edge Award Winner) The
URL for the schedule and the chat room is
and just follow the link at the bottom :slight_smile: Anyone who visits and
enjoys themselves, guest hosting is always encouraged… just
contact me offlist if you are interested.

Hope to see some of you there,
Terry Swift