[YAK] Cell Charge Overcharge

Greetings Orchidians, Awhile back I learned of Cell Charge on this
news group. I checked out the info on line, called the phone number
and Kevin signed me up. I have been very happy with this type of
credit card service until today. Today my bank account was billed by
Cell Charge for $9.95 with no explanation. I emailed Kevin and got
no answer, so I called “Customer Service”. They informed me that a
new monthly access fee was now in place and that letters were sent
out 2 weeks ago. I received no such letter. I also received no
cooperation from “Customer Service” and after I told them to cancel
my account and refund my money, the girl hung up on me. If this has
happened to you I would like to know about it. After several years
of being treated this way I have begun dealing with it through the
appropriate State’s Attorney General’s Office and having good
success. Thanks for letting me rant. Josh Powell

I use the Cell charge service too. I got their letter of explanation
and wasn’t terribly happy about it either. The upside of this is that
you now have the ability to process checks as well as credit cards.
For the time being I’m staying with the service. If you find
something that is better, please do let the rest of us know.