[YAK] Buying a new computer in your future?

In my Sunday paper is a computer article written each week.

This week Bill Husted talks about if you’re looking to buy a new
computer NOW.


if you want to get the new windows VISTA next year.

if you wait until next year (I think 3rd quarter) you’ll buy it with
it and you’ll have the right equipment. if you WANT to buy a new one
now and ALSO upgrade to Vista next year, plan ahead.

The new Vista Windows will require:

512 megs ram
3.0 Gigahertz processor (Intel inside thing)
a writeable DVD
a separate monitor card, one not attached to the
120 Gig hard disk

I visit a lot of stores and I’m amazed at the numbers of people
still running Windows 98. SO that being, there will be LOTS of folks
running Windows XP for years-maybe a decade, so you won’t be left

But if you’re the “latest/greatest” kind of person, these are the
specs you need.

By the way, with 2006 QuickBooks is dropping the "QuickBooks Basic"
series, the low end. if you have it now it will continue to work

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Well, admittedly I do not know Bill Husted, but after 15 years as a
computer consultant, as my only business, jewelry is a hobby, his
suggestions are wrong.

Windows x/p barely runs on 512 so there is no reason to think that
Longhorn by what ever name it comes out as will run well on 512.

Currently many new Intel motherboards do not have the cd/dvd sound
connection so anyone upgrading will need to buy a separate sound
card, if they want to hear sound from a DVD or cd, not a video card,
it is hard to imagine that any operating system will not support
that change. Intel has always designed hardware with windows in mind,
which is why AMD users frequently have strange and bizarre random
errors, it would be strange indeed for intel to change their habits
now, but AMD will find a way around the new windows.

Finally, since cd’s or dvd’s are a safer way to distribute programs,
floppy disks are notorious for viruses, so no one distributes
computers with 3.5" disks except by request. Of course there are
exceptions, as in the local cheap computer store, but that is not
consistent with latest and greatest. Finally, there is always a cost
associated with a new operating system, in hardware, and personnel
learning curve. I haven’t heard anything that suggests that one or
two stand alones or a small local network will need the new operating

So, it sounds like the new Windoze is even bigger and more bloated
than before. And in addition, the boys at Micro$oft are back to their
old game of obsoleting everyone’s pcs. Why do consumers put up with
this nonsense? Is it the simple misperception that Windoze is the
only game in town?

I for one am not surprised at the number of people still running
Windows 98. Windows ME was an absolute dog of an operating system,
and XP also has its issues, notably with unsupported hardware.

Me, I run Linux. I love it. It’s free, it’s stable, and it’s immune
to viruses and spyware.


Ok I have to step in this post is full of misI’m not
going to bother posting my credentials because people would become
bored reading them…

Windows XP runs fine on 512M of ram. Most systems these days are
sold with 512M or ram with a celeron processor (look at Dells). This
is not an issue. Almost all laptops are also sold with 512M or ram
with a mobile processor. Granted, 1Gig of memory is always desirable,
more memory is always better but 512M is sufficient for most users
doing general work.

Most motherboards these days have integrated video, sounds, LAN, etc
built onto them. The cd/dvd connects directly to the motherboard. I
use mostly MSI boards when I build since they are stable and
inexpensive. Many higher end boards may require a separate card for
each of these options but unless you are building a rig for specific
higher end purposes you can use a board with integrated features. I
have 4 sitting next to me right now and am in the process of
building 19 at my day job.

Floppy disks aren’t notorious for viruses. I always put a floppy in
every system I build. They cost 9 dollars and are a good last ditch
effort to get into a failed system. Granted, a boot CD or even a USB
key has more room for data but I can’t count the number of times
I’ve used a floppy for different tasks and they are very cheap. Every
system should have an updated anti virus program on it anyway.

Finally, AMD cpu’s are not ‘quirky’ and they do not have ‘weird
problems’! I have 9 servers running AMD cpu’s with a variety of OS’s
to include Windows 2000, 2003, and Linux (Fedora core 3). I am also
in the process of building a server with dual Opterons. AMD has
consistantly beat Intel on a 1:1 basis when it comes to benchmarks.
They are also the leader in dual core technology. I have no idea
where you came up with the thought that AMD systems have ‘quirky’
problems. I doubt major vendors would be sending out 64bit AMD
laptops and systems if this were the case.

I know none of this had anything to do with jewelry but…


If any are considering a new computer, I would recommend at least
looking at the mac platform and talking with people who have
experience with both the mac and windows. Especially if you are an
artist or one who derives income from the art business.

We had to purchase a new computer to run a CAD Mill and software. We
bought a Dell 3ghz windows XP Pro with 1 giga byte ram. Our other
computer is a Mac G5 1.8ghz. The Mac was cheaper runs faster and is
much easier to use. As soon as someone comes out with g code for mac
osx the dell will go into the recycle bin.