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[YAK} Back in Hospital

A disclaimer …

The following is taken from three memos that crossed my screen
when I was subscribed to a Tai Chi Ch’uan bulletin board. Most
of it is over my head and is following a previous thread about
injuries. It was so interesting I had to print them out to put
in my Tai Chi Ch’uan interest folder.

Memo 1, 17 Feb 1998

"…Glucosamine Sulfate (GS) 20mg/kg bodyweight for at least
12 weeks, though folks seem to improve as long as they keep
taking it. I’ve documented with x-ray re-growth of degenerated
joint cartilage in knee joints, and have seen studies of the same
effects in hips. GS is absorbed at about 80-90%, Chondroitin
Sulfate only about 12%, both are building blocks for connective
tissue. I’ve used it extensively in my clinical practice for 5
years now, and have had only one indivdual (with a very poor
diet, and a severe hip degeneration) who had a poor response. Try
to buy it wholesale, it’s cheaper that way.

Memo. 2

I’m curious about the herb TEEN CHAT. Could you elaborate more.
It sounds like none of the 800 or so Chineses Herbs I’m familiar
with. Dit Da Jiao is not one but many formulas. Dit, I’m told
refers to falling, Da, “someone pushed you”. So they are
formulas for fall and strike injuries. Typically they have herbs
to move Chi and blood, and promote healing of injuries."

Memo.3 , 4 March 1998

“…from the 'Yu Lam Medicine
Factory”…there is more than one brand and the mix is
not always the same but here is one…


  1. Moschous -2%
  2. Cynura Pinnaufida DC -20%
  3. Eucommia Ulmoldes Oliver -15%
  4. Panax Gensing C.A. MEY -10%
  5. Cervus Lika C.A. LCRMM -5%
  6. Cinnamon Loureiu Nees -5%
  7. Agalloch -15%
    8 .Pistacia Lentiscus -10%
  8. Radix Angelicae Senisis -8%
  9. Angelica Crosserrata Maxim. -10%

Dale, The above was also part of the joint remedies thread.
Nothing came over of dosage or frequency, I would think the
Chinese Herbalist will tell you.

You are looking at two different prescriptions from two
different people. Good Luck

Bill in Vista