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[Yak] Art or not Art

Into the fray…

So what isn’t art?

"I don't like it"
"it isn't pretty"
" makes no sense"
"bad eye"
"no vision"
"wrong color" 
"too much color"
"not enough color"
"not a craftsman"
"shoddy work"

ad infinitum

All immensely short sighted and boring…

The cool thing for me about everybody’s “work”, “art”, "stuff"
is how it pushes me to examine my assumptions, preconceptions,
self-imposed limits and allows me to grow from the experience and
then take what I like and leave the rest.

Getting caught up in semantics is obfuscation from the real
issue of doing something and getting it out there to see what
happens, who will be attracted, who will invest their money to
own it, what kind of comments will it elicit, where will it
reside in the progression of ones’ work.

Marketing as an art is way more interesting.

I have seen woefully little from those of us on the list who
have successfully marketed jewelry etc…

Examining the interactions that conclude in sales that are
mutually satisfying and rewarding…

What are the elements of designs that attract clients and sales?

How to read the flow and perceive the direction to follow…
seeing the elements of a design that doesn’t sell and using the
energy to continue to examine other variations and find where the
balance (and sales) lay…

Perhaps I am looking for jewelry fung shui :>)

All the best in all thigns,


Mystic Merchant – Bill Mason–

Gem Stones, Diamonds,Crystals-- Eclectic Jewelry & Lapidary
10550 Fox Ridge Rd.-- Semmes, Alabama 36575 USA PH# 334-645-9081

Dear Bill, I beleive we are in a time when personal
adornment,personal statement about who we are is not encouraged
by our society, I look at jewlrers as one along many in the arts
who are suffering…I think we are warriors and a long fight is
ahead, we do what we do becuse we love the process as well as
the result. We are trapped by passion and must continue on
exploring. How is success measured and respected in our soceity?
…is it only money…Damn the homeshopping club metality…I am
beginning to get respondses of the kind I am searching for over
the net with a great web site host for craftsWhere it will
finally end up I don’t know?But I beleive that the net has great
potential for us straving artists… Regards Lynn ossa

Lynn Ossa Rader
mailto: Lrader@IDT.NET
Tel: 212-879-9725