[YAK] Anhydrous Ammonia & foot in mouth disease

G’day. Oh dear. Here’s me spouting nonsense again. I admit to
writing that farmers wouldn’t pump anhydrous ammonia into the
ground. I AM WRONG!!! I can’t speak because I am suffering from
acute foot in mouth disease, but I can type (unfortunately
sometimes!) and I hearby withdraw all (well, most) of the
statements I made on the subject. Just because Know-it-all John
had never heard of such a practice carried out in Britain or New
Zealand and hadn’t thought that the stuff - a liquefied, toxic,
blistering, choking gas, no less, could be put into farmland without
grave danger to the farmer, doesn’t mean it isn’t done somewhere.
It has been proved to me beyond all doubt that such a practice in
Iowa is widespread and special equipment is sold for the purpose. Me
pore ol’ mind fair boggles, it do. Want to check? Get Google.
Type in ‘farming/anhydrous ammonia’ and see what comes up. Thanks
to those who put me right. The moral? “Put Google and mind into gear
before coming out with ignorant arrogant comments.” Sorry.

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ