[Yak] Accents on letters of the alphabet

Hi all
In a posting by Rex and Gabrielle Merten today the issue of getting
accents on letters of the alphabet came up. I thought I would e-mail Rex
and Gabrielle directly to explain how accents could be made using the
standard English/American keyboard but then thought that others might also
be interested so I’m posting this directly to Orchid.

Assuming you have Windows 95 installed as the operating system on your
computer you can get accents on the letters by doing the following, which
is easy.

Example: With the Num Lock “on” [the little green light is on on the
top right hand side of your keyboard] hold down the “Alt” key and depress
1, 3, and 0. This will give you “�”. Likewise holding down the Alt key and
depressing 1, 3, and 8 will get “�”.

To remember what numbers to press to get the accents I wanted I made a
list in this manner. I opened up my Word Processor (Notepad would do) and
started at 127 and went up to somewhere around 160, i.e., I held down Alt
and depressed 1, 2 and 7. Then Alt and 1, 2, and 8 and so on. I then
printed the list and posted it on the wall next to the computer. (Note;
use the numerical keypad at the right end of your keyboard).

There are not only accents there but small sized fractions, degree
symbol and others, all very useful to me.

…Leo Doucet…Fredericton, NB…Canada…

Dear Leo,
thanks a lot for your good advice - and so prompt too!
There is no doubt about the combined intelligence of Orchids.
It’s the original Flower Power! Thanks again, Leo,
Regards, Rex