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[YAK] A Serious Situation

Orchid Friends I am posting a serious blog that I request you take
the time to read and process the

The withholding of critical has poorly served me. What I
did not know has allowed breast cancer to freely advance and become
aggressive. This is absolute betrayal, collusion between medical
groups who actually know better. My cancer surgery is tomorrow.
Reading my Blog may help some, I hope.



I want to wish you a “Refuah Sholaymah” which means in Hebrew “A
Speedy Recovery”! Privacy in medicine is the worse thing that
patients have to endure. I know! Also Teresa, may your recovery be a
speedy one. …big gentle hugs to you,eh!..



I am a breast cancer survivor and I found that the attitude of the
individual in fighting the cancer is more important than the
aggressiveness of the cancer. Think positive thoughts all day long.
Walk a mile every day in rain or shine with a friend by your side.
Turn away from negative discussions and descriptions, instead make
plans for exciting projects for the next six months, the next year
and the next five years. Follow the doctor’s recommendations. Make a
list of things that make you happy and read this list several times
every day. Cook your favorite foods every day. Wear your favorite
clothes every day. Stay in close contact with your doctor, family,
friends and your priest. Do those silly walk-your-fingers-up-the-wall
exercises so that your arm muscles will stay strong. Give us an
update when you have news to share.

Best wishes to you for a complete recovery.


A quick follow up. Yes it is 5 years later. The Gold standard for cancer survival. I am 100% healthier than before. Nutrition and Mindfulness Meditation are why.
I am seriously considering returning to jewelry, just need to recover sme of the stuff my grandsons put into a yard sale without my knowledge.
Still have a lot of slabs and maybe one grinder, I hope.
Let’s meet in Tucson’17. I will be there.

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Best wishes and sweet revenge on Cancer! I hope you docked the grandsons some ‘allowance’ to recoup some equipment, tools or at least said -“Gramma deserves these catalog numbers for all the birthdays, etc. so kindly provide for gramma, you hooligans!” Well, moms know how to guilt trip, don’t they? Happiness and productive creativity be yours! Hugs to you too!


Snow Goose Designs

Terrie, I am so happy for you there are no words to say. Now, get back to work. Let me know if you are short some tools: I have some I can send. Tom

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It’s great to see you back Terrie! I hope the grandsons got a ticking off!!


Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

Terrie, such good news. Hope you continue to feel healthy and vibrant. I’m hoping to get to Tucson for the big show in 2017. If so, it would be a treat to see you and visit a bit.
Judy in Kansas

I apologize for not replying. I haveyet to familiarize myself with this new format, and was unaware there were replies.
I am trying to arrange a few days in Tucson, one thing I lack is a Badge! I let my Business License expire, therefore cannot qualify for a Badge.
How/where are we finding one another now? I so miss the wonderful Rio Grande Exhibitions. I wonder where everyone is now?

Five years! So proud of your determination and the changes you’ve made to your life to thwart this abomination!

As for returning to jewelry - good on you!

We can probably arrange a meet-up in Tucson - email me. Let me know what you need for your renewed work and I’ll see if I can fill some gaps for you.

God bless you, friend!!

Hello Terrie,
Barring a last minute hiccup, I’ll be in Tucson. It would be a joy to see you and catch up. Your recent battle with cancer is an inspiration. So glad you are resuming your passions!

I share your frustrations. 2014 was my last opportunity to do the shows in Tucson. Now (two years later) AGTA does not recognize me as a wholesale customer. It was fun to see the marvelous award winners and I’ll miss several vendors that I always checked out for unusual stones, sigh. Probably best not to have the temptation :wink:
Judy in Kansas

Life does get in the way of good intentions. I just received the September Guide for Tucson Gem Show. Tempted sort of. I do miss my friends, all of them.

Sorry I did not see your reply until just now. Never got there. Life does get in the way of intent.
I do miss you. I miss all my friends.