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[YAK] A Project

Hey All,

I know this is off topic buuuuttt…A jewelry hobbyist friend of
mine in West Virginia without a lot of resources, but with a great
imagination has a young daughter who’s name is Emily. Emily’s 10th
birthday is coming up in December. What mom wants is for her to get a
birthday card from every state, and from foreign countries. To that
end, I am asking you a favor. You know what it is… Could you
please send Emily an age-appropriate birthday card? A post card is
fine too. Just please mark on the card that it is to Emily. Also
please note where and who the card comes from. I love that mom is
planning this for her. Hope you guys can help. Only caveat is to
please have cards arrive before December 29th, 2011. Feel free to
pass this on to friends out of your state or out of the country. The
more far-flung the better. This will be so much fun for this little

Thank you!


Her Info:
Emily Baker
195 Shenandoah St
Martinsburg, WV 25405

What a fun idea. I’ll send one from Texas.

One thought though… let’s keep her address restricted to the
Ganoksin site only. No public postings please.