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[Yak] A New Zealander Abroad

My wife Ruth Baird will be leaving New Zealand soon for a brief world

Tokyo June 27 - 30
London/Oxford July 1 - 5
Madrid July 6 - 11
London/Oxford July 12 - 29
San Francisco July 29 - 31

Is anyone here at the Orchid or Artmetal lists exhibiting, holding an open
day, or doing some other event at those times and places? Please let me
know and she might be drawn to visit.

If it helps, some info about her and her work may be seen at

The Tokyo part is going to be daunting. She arrives at Nareta airport at
5pm Fri 26th and as her daughter cannot meet her she will have to find her
own way to her, via trains and metros. She’s frantically learning phrases
such as ‘where is the such and such station’, and dragging her bags
around. We hear they have special people on the platforms there whose sole
job is to stuff 'em into the trains.

Brian and Ruth
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