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XPM - eXtrusion Patterned Metals

Was: A paradigm shift: print on demand objects to sell

First, perhaps Jim could be persuaded to talk about what he's been
doing lately (?) Pretty cool stuff... 

Thanks John, for any one that might be interested here is a link to a
project that Steve Midgett and I have been working on for the past
couple of years


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Wow, James what a fantastic project!

As it’s “sort of” mokume gane on a grand scale, what are the price
implications? How would buying a piece of your XPM material compare
price-wise to buying an “equivalent” (same metals used) piece of
mokume gane stock to make into a piece of jewellery? Or will you
primarily be working with large companies, supplying en mass rather
than supplying small pieces to individuals?

Great project!


Hi Helen,

Thanks we have been having fun with it. We do not see XPM’s as mokume
or a replacement for it but rather a new technique of creating
patterned metals. So I don’t really want to try to compare them as
the differences in how each is made is significant.

Our immediate plans are to start selling finished work under under
our Strata-bands brand name, beyond that it is too early to say.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Oh, and Jim. that extrusion patterned metal on the web site you
sent us to is just amazing. Awsome, dude. Are you guys selling the
raw material, or just finished product? 

Thanks Peter,

It is still pretty early in the game but we will initially be
selling only finished product. There is still a lot of learning curve
to deal with in how to use this new type of material, but we see a
lot of potential applications.



James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Now that’s some cool stuff. Bonding titanium to silver is something
I would have said was virtually impossible with any degree of
success, let alone stainless steel and titanium. Especially in
mokume-gane. Guess that shows how much I keep up with current

Thanks for sharing, Jim. I’ll definitely be in touch.


I saw this in MJSA and I so can’t wait to realize the potential of
this process. Kudos, Jim!