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X1 White Gold - Opinions

Do any of you use X1 white gold? Thoughts? Pros and Cons?

I have used it, extensively, and have found it to be quite a bit more brittle than the standard white. I started asking myself if I was going to be plating it anyway, why bother? That and it’s just not available in most of the mountings and findings, at least not tomorrow. I really, really wanted to like it and I still do, but it’s just not practical for me.

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I have used “14K X-white” casting grain for several years and have used it for most of my white gold orders. I avoid it when I have to set many stones by drawing beads or moving much metal, just too hard to work with, but stays white without ever plating later.

Jon Michael Fuja

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Winter white alloy from David Fell
makes a wonderful 14kt white gold
that is malleable and does not need

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Yeah. I love that stuff!!

You have had a good experience with X1? Any tips to have good results with brittleness?

No! So sorry. My post was sloppy. I was responding to your comment, Richard, on Winter White…

Hello all
Thank You Richard and Andy for your kind words regarding our Winter White alloy. These higher nickel alloys do vary from suppliers but we think we have a good mixture of Nickel to provide a grade 1 white color that does not require plating but is not too brittle. It is definitely harder than a standard white so there may be some design limitations.

I would like to offer one free 1oz sample of the W inter White alloy (without gold) along with a technical data sheet for all who is interested and who signs up to our DHF database.

Thank You
Ken Babayan
DHF Inc.