X1 Vs Palladium alloy

Just got off the phone placing an order with Stuller, a very good
co. to do business with. Ask to speak with their metals dept. and
was hooked up on the spot. X1 is a high nickle alloy and is subject
to the usual effects of chlorine that many white alloys containing
nickle do have. I’ve been manufacturing wedding band sized hoop ear
rings with single bead setting between the dia., the added rigidity
of X1 really has cut down on the squish factor, which loosens dia.
with this type of setting. I use standard over the counter posts and
have had no complaints so far. Mr. Huffman is dead on correct with
his about the casting techniques needed to properly
manufacture with the palladium alloys. So who knows what problems
will surface with this product and the standard gold casting
techniques that I have been using. I guess I’m saying there is an
alloy for every season and every reason. I’m not sure what the
comment about the X1 alloy being magnetic has to do with anything.
Because some of the platinum alloys I have used are magnetic too.
Not the plat. but what it is alloyed with. Oh, they are in the
process of coming out with I believe he said a 95% palladium alloy.
With the higher cost of plat. these days I may give it a try. I’ve
told you all I know, I see no conflict just the wonderful ability to
have choices

Luv ya. Regards, Craig