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Wyoming Jade Boulders

A friend of mine brought a 5 gallon bucket to my house for me to see
the contents. We sat down on the front steps of my pourch and here in
this bucket was several rocks of Jade. Some were nice green color and
one looked to be translucent apple green and the other two were white
and black. Why I am writing this is I am trying to find out from the
Experts here in orchid can give me a list of grades and coloring and
hardness of Wyoming Jade, U.S.A. This friend has fpund the Jade
material in a streem bed and the boulders in the picture he showed me
are from 25lb. to 100lb. This Jade is harder than Canadian Jade and it
takes a great polish The other thing I am looking for is a company
that is Honest that can slab and process this material into cabs and
settings. You can contact me at @Billy_S_Bates and I will be
pleased for any responce. Thanking you all. Billy S. Bates Royal Wildlife