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Wykoff plans for jamb peg faceting


Has anyone attempted to do faceting faceting equipment built by Gerry
Wykoff’s plans, available through The Gem Connection?

I’d like to know if he is for real or not before I even think of him
as an alternative to doing nothing as far as learning how to facet is

I also have a Yaesu FT101EE Amateur Radio with two spare final tubes
and a WARC Expansion Kit, worth about $500 all together, that I would
gladly consider trading for an entry level faceting machine.

Andrew Jonathan Fine

Wykoff is certainly for real, though his books are dated. Never saw
one of his machines in the flesh. They are a jamb-peg with an index
wheel, and certainly capable of cutting a stone. You need a flat lap
to go with them, of course, and the laps will cost more than the
faceting head. I wouldn’t expect to win any faceting competitions
with it, but you can cut a pretty stone.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

Did you ever get the plans?

I am looking for them currently.


Where are you located, Rick? I’ve got a jamb-peg machine I don’t need and will donate, but it’s big and heavy, so local pickup (in the SF East Bay area) would be the way to go.

I am in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. 27526

I am willing to pay shipping for USPS.

Is it under 70 lbs?


Hey, did Rick take you up on your jamb-peg? If not, I’m Interested.

Gail in Boring, Oregon

Are you planning to come down and pick it up in Berkeley? It’s too big to ship economically.

I think I can arrange that. Can you send a pic? Then I’d know what I’m dealing with.
Sorry, I haven’t been on here for a while. Gail