WSJ Magazine Article - Bespoke Jewelry

The Winter 2008 issue of the WSJ Magazine has a fascinating article
about high end jewelry purchases that Orchidians might want to read.
Title is " DIY Bijoux" on page 50.

The article says the strongest jewelry sector is now bespoke
creations and purchasers are “flocking” to Harry Winston, Cartier,
Tiffany and Bergdorf Goodman. These stores have one-of-a-kind
programs. Tiffany has VIP Selling Evenings. Harry Winston has an
evening offering 75 designs adapted from archives. Cartier has a list
of clients who have commissioned pieces previously.

While I realize that few Orchidians have a client base like the
majors mentioned above, I am sure that several of our top artists
and many of our most creative minds have the ability to at least
schedule a VIP evening and make photos available of stunning pieces
that can be made for clients. And, it is possible to set up display
cases of unique pieces museum-style with a short, museum-type
discussion on bespoke jewelry. Would this generate business? It just
might. Would it be on a Cartier scale? Probably not but it is an
opportunity to invite clients to see photos, drawings, and in some
cases actual masterpieces that can be adapted for individual tastes.
Worst case would be individuals invited to a VIP evening would think
of you first if a need arose for a special purchase.

Just sharing my thoughts. Happy New Year to all.

Mary A.
Chief Design Officer