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Writing contract

I did a search of the archives and nothing came up… I’m an
emaergin artist who is in the works of starting a commision project
for someone. Right now we are still just talking. This project
will be a big one, so, for my own protection, as well as general
professionalism I want to have a contract to make everything
official. I was wondering if anyone had an old contract or possibly
a model that I could look at when writing mine. I would like mine
to be as legally correct as possible and have no idea where to start
when it comes to writing a contract. Any other commision advice
would be good as well. Oh! I should also mention that I’m not even
going to try to set a price up front (if I do, I know I will shoot
myself in the foot) and am looking for how to word in a contract
that I want to be paid by the hour for as many hours it takes to
finish. Thanks, Jackie

I would suggest going to and click on
professional guidelines. You will find a model contract and other

Stephane in sunny San Francisco