Woven chain

Hi! Does anyone know of a company that makes multi row "loop in loop"
woven chain in 18, 20 or 22k gold? I’m thinking of the style used
in Classical Greek jewelry. Or, if not someone who specializes in
this kind of chain, a manufacturer that can do very custom work.
i’m looking for something really delicate with the ends unfinished
so i can apply my own end caps. Thanks, Jessica

    multi row "loop in loop" woven chain in 18, 20 or 22k gold    
 used in Classical Greek jewelry 

Jessica, Do you have a link to a picture of this type of chain?


Hi Jessica, Let me know if you are unable to find a company who
supplies these chains already made up. If you cannot find anyone, I
make all different kinds of chains in all different metals. Gold
would have to be 22k though. Let me know if you need help, Victoria
Victoria James Designs

Jessica, 22k handmade loop in loop chain is common in Southeast Asian
gold shops, particularly in Singapore and Bangkok. From your email
address I’d guess you are in New York City. If that’s the case, I’d
suggest going to whatever part of the city has a concentration of
people from that part of the world and you should be able to find
shops that carry it.Possibly even some goldsmiths that make it. Or,
it’s a great excuse for a trip to sunny Thailand! :slight_smile: That’s what
we do to survive during the cold Alaskan winters! Jerry in Kodiak