Worst thing you've ever said t a buyer

we’ve all had one of those days at a show: too close to the ‘music’;
too uncomfortable weather wise; too many floral walking shorts &
striped tops; too many white legs on parade; too few people with
taste AND money. the day was one of my first shows: 4 women stopped
at my booth, three began looking at my work while the fourth stood
off to side and kept up a running commentary “that’s too big. too
different. too silvery. too pearly. too sparkly. too expensive. too
plain. too fancy” every time one of her ‘friends’ picked up a piece.
one of the women found an amber necklace & turned to the nattering
woman, “you were looking for some amber. here’s a nice strand at a
good price.” the woman snorted & scoffed “oh, i couldn’t wear all
that around my neck.” i smiled sweetly & informed her, “that’s
because you have no neck.”

the three women winked at me & almost choked trying to keep from
laughing. yes, they bought. that was my only broadside & it was
early on enough so that when i am tempted to say something now i
just recall that satisfying transgression & smile.

people, you got a life, get on with it!