Worst thing you ever heard from a customer

Hi All, People do say the most unbelievable things. I wish I had
written them down over the years and would have written a book. I
could now forget about having to do any repairs!

At an outdoor show last summer, my tables were surrounded with
people when one woman who was looking at everything ( like with a
magnifying glass) yelled out “Wow!, now that’s gonna be a tough one to
get rid of!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or howl, so instead I
sweetly told her,“on the contrary mam, I don’t have to get rid of any
of my pieces, they each find their loving owners just by being

She left, everyone else stayed, I began writing up receipts and I’m
still laughing! Mary Ann Archer Designs

I was talking w/ a jewelry sales person the other day and he
mentioned a client who came in to have her pearls restrung. Very
nice pearls and she knew it. She insisted that they be double
knotted. When the sales person said that one knot should be fine,
she held her ground and insisted that she wanted DOUBLE knotting–
one knot on each side of the pearl…

Got a nice chuckle out of that.