Worldwide appeal for training


I am extremely grateful for everyone’s help so far with jewelry tools
and supplies.

I had made to note to Mr. Geller asking for his opinion on how to
structure retail at my wife’s website where I am offering some
lettering and engraving services on wood and aluminum.

Although I had said, “Right now, I’ve got nothin’, and I’m goin’
nowhere.”, that really refers to the amount of cash I have on hand
for buying supplies, and to the fact that I cannot afford to attend
any jewelry classes due to policy by Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation
prohibiting vocational retraining for anyone already possessing a
bachelor’s degree in any field.

I do wish to express my extreme gratitude to everyone who has
contributed tools, supplies, books, and instructional materials so
far, and I did not intend for my comment to Mr. Geller to take away

I would still appreciate the opportunity to travel to surrounding
states when the weather gets warmer, and visit artists and artisans
for basic lessons, if any of you wish to offer such tutoring.

I really need lessons in cabbing, silversmithing, gem setting, and

In exchange I offer you anything from grunt work to computer skills
(15 years as a software designer) to my abilities as a cook. I have
cooked for over 20 years during two marriages and I could make dinner
for you and/or your family for each day I am under your tutelage.

I can sleep on the floor at your place, or stay at a motel or
campground on my own nickel.

Please advise,
Andrew Jonathan Fine