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World's Colored stons trends


Any idea whereabout on the net one can locate about
gemstone market trends? prices, availabilty etc.

any lead will be welcome.

Orchid rules

Dan and All, Gemstone price trends are reported by several Internet
for profit businesses. Gemkey is one. You must be in the business
of Gems and Jewelry and pay to access the site. The knowledge you
desire is “Insider” knowledge and not released on a desire to know
basis. Prices quoted are the prices for replacement stones available
on the wholesale market. These prices do not nail down prices for
one of a kind stones or custom stones. These prices are not the
prices gem dealers pay for stones. Gem dealers buy at a whole
different level. Gem dealer prices are not available outside the gem
dealer loop. It is difficult enough to become a member of the loop,
leave alone gain access to the pricing.

Gerry Galarneau

Hi Dan, There are some nice trade magazines that are very informative
as far as trends in stones. They talk about the famous designers and
their stones. Many times as I have seen, this begins a trend. When
David Yurman started with the blue chalcedony I had unending calls
about blue chalcedony. Now that he is using the Peruvian Blue Opal my
calls from jewelers for the Blue opal have increased tremendously.
Prices always vary depending upon the quality, the color, and who has
cut the material. From my own experience , blue seems to be a popular
color at the moment. Just like anything else, sometimes it just takes
a little publicity about a stone to make it very popular.

Some trade magazines with the you are interested in are:
Lapidary Journal, Colored Stone Magazine, National Jewelry,
Professional Jeweler, Modern Jeweler… Many of these publications do
have websites.

Diane Sadel

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