Hi All, Weve just posted the 2002 Workshop Calendar- its going to be
an exciting year!

Advanced Stone Setting with Blaine Lewis
Making Chasing and Texturing Tools  with Pauline Warg
Knifemaking with Tim McCreight
Making Reticulated Bracelets with the Hydraulic Press with Anne Hollerbach
Jewelry Marketing with Marlene Richey
Easy Etching with Alan Perry
The Keum-boo Process with Jayne Redman
Surface Embellishment with Harold OConnor
Tinkering with Wire with Ellen Wieske
The Beauty of Tools-Polymer Clay with Celie Fago
Wax Carving;   Project Wax: Stack Rings;  Making Impressions in Wax;
Moldmaking with Kate Wolf

Visit our site for class descriptions, bios, dates and more. Best
Regards, Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine where its snowing! Its Snowing!

Thanks Dr. Aspler for making this forum possible.

Is there anyway we could start a website just for workshops - like is there for resumes and jobs available - both looking
and offering. If we had and all kinds of workshops
could be posted there and people could request specific workshops.
Might be possible, am not that versed in how one goes about setting
up such sites or what’s involved in maintaining it. May be way too
much work, but was just a thought. K

Hi, Kay- A wiki might be what you are looking for. A wiki is a
website to which any and all have “write” privileges, so a wiki site
could be used for posting workshops, posting ideas and requests for
workshops, even as sign-up sheets for workshops. It would not
necessarily be difficult to maintain, as it would be a collaborative
site, not the creation of one or even several persons.

lee Einer