[Workshops] [WI] Gem setting

Hi All

I’m doing a full 5-day, “Gem-Setting Program” August 3rd - 7th.
There are still a few benches available for the last-minute students
who still wish to join ‘us’. This school is on the north end on the
peninsula of Wisconsin, located in “Fish Creek”. The topics that
are being presented are varied, but so important! Contact Andra Nyman
@ 920 - 868 - 3455.

1)* Princess Center stone*…*with Bright-Cutting inside of the

  1. Princess-Cut, w/b (to match the engagement ring) Bright-Cutting
    for the finish…

  2. Channel Setting, with demo on Bright-Cutting…

  3. Bezel Setting, extensive Bright-Cutting inside the bezel…

  4. Gypsy/Flush Setting more Bright-Cutting around the stones…

  5. 4 & 6-Prong Engagement rings. Still more Bright-Cutting on the
    prongs.* As you can see by my curriculum, I am emphasizing
    Bright-Cutting on all of the topics to be demo’d. For this class, I
    am bringing already-prepared sets of Ongelette & Flat shaped gravers.
    There will loads of bench-time every day just after the morning demo.
    Hoping to see you at this great workshop/class.

Gerry Lewy

I just started playing with prong settings (4 and 6 prong brass
cones with 10 mm CZ brilliants) and your course would be fun.
Unfortunately, I’m in NJ.

I gave my beginner’s metal fabrication workshop with brass and
copper in my backyard yesterday. I taught 5 people basic sawing,
filing and sanding plus a simple cabochon bezel setting, and they
all had pendants or brooches at the end of the day.

The one thing I did learn is to use easy solder instead of easy flow
with beginners. I though easy flow would be easier because of the
lower mp, but it doesn’t wet as well as easy on brass.