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[Workshops] Tying knots in precious metal

I love teaching, and I really like the fact that every student who
attends one of my workshops leaves wearing jewelry, and smiling.

I’m going to go on the road again, another long trip, and I’ll be
making a number of stops to teach workshops. Here’s the current

Details about the workshops and sign up on my website:

Sign up for the workshops at the 92nd Street Y in New York City:

There are a few other events along the way, conventions and visits
and such, but there might be time for other stops as well. Please
note that I am driving, so there are limitations on how far I can
get in any given period of time. :slight_smile:


The location of my workshops in New York City will be at the 92nd
Street Y, which I hear is a great facility, known for the wide range
of programs available and their high quality. I’m deeply honored that
they’ve asked me to teach there, and I’m looking forward to it.

Since I’ll be at loose ends on Saturday, May 30, I was wondering if
anyone in the city would like to get together for lunch or something.
I’m not completely sure where I’ll be staying, but probably near the
same area. I don’t know New York at all well, so I’d welcome
suggestions for how to amuse myself during the day. (The evening
looks like fun already, since the Y has swing dancing on Saturday