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[Workshops] San Diego Opportunities

Hi, everyone, Jay Whaley and a few others of us down here in San
Diego have been wanting to strengthen the metalsmithing community in
this area. We now have Jay’s studio available to hold workshops as
well as having some resources for general get togethers, etc.

If you’re interested in participating and/or know of anyone
interested in running a workshop, please email me or feel free to
call my studio at 858-551-0227. I’ll be out of town for the next
week but will get back to you asap.


I’m Jill Morrison. I live in Altadena.I design and make one-of-a-kind
pieces of fine and sterling silver jewelry and I teach jewelry
classes and workshops regularly at the Farrin O’Connor Studio in
Pasadena. Some of your group may have take classes with me here. I’d
be glad talk with you about my coming down to San Diego to hold a
workshop there. Please give me a call when you return. We can talk
about what classes I might offer and how our schedules might work

Jill Morrison

Some years ago, Lisa Van Herik hosted an Orchid get together at her
La Jolla home. It was very well attended, and it may just be the
right time to have another.

Lisa recently posted to Orchid regarding the San Diego Area Orchid
Members, and Metal-smiths. I am offering Lisa my assistance in this
effort. We know from experience that there is a fair number of
outstanding individuals, of many talents, in this area. Now to bring
them together, and offer local area Workshops, utilizing our regional
talent, as well as visiting instructors.

We also now have a Studio available within which to hold these
workshops. This will be in addition to the wonderful, extremely
oversubscribed Workshops offered by MAASC. Will also save some of us
driving over some 100 miles.

If you have an interest in either taking, or presenting workshops,
please let Lisa or me know, and we will create a data base to draw

I personally hope to see one of the first Workshops be Jay Whaley
and The Rolling Mill.

Speaking of Rolling Mills, we are currently test driving one of
Kenneth Singh’s Karat Rolling Mills right along with the two
previously resident in the UCSD’s Craft Center Jewelry Studio. It is
really holding its own, and appears to be a very viable alternative
for those of us with limited funds. Jay is really putting it through
its paces.

I am enjoying the Pattern Wire Side Roller. It is a whole new tool
for me, and I love it.

For persons living in the North County area, life just became so
much simpler for us, commuting wise. With the Sprinter now online, it
is possible to go from Escondido to San Diego at the same cost of the
Coaster ticket Oceanside to San Diego. I personally, now drive just
about a mile, park my car for free, and board the Sprinter to the
Oceanside Transit Center, and then the Coaster South. Seamless and
wonderful. It is a big gas saving.


Hi, Carol in Austin, TX, I really need a quick, economical course in
setting faceted stones. Anyone have any hints?

Thanks & Cheers,