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Workshops in Ireland

Sonya, a part-time student of mine, is going to Ireland for a while
and wants to know some places to work and places to learn. Regarding
places to learn we’ve already taken a look at the Bergin Clarke Studio in Wicklow, Ireland. Does anyone
know of other workshops?


Hi Brian,

Try the crafts council in Ireland or You will
need Acrobat Reader

Chris Hackett

My name is Dikran and I am moving to Ireland I’m a Master jeweler and
looking for an opportunity If you know more about Ireland pleas
Email me Iwill really appreciated a lot thank you .

The Craft Council Of Ireland do run short courses, they take place in
Kilkenny and are usually one or two day courses. They cover casting,
photography, stone setting(basic and advanced) and an introduction
into basic jewellery repair. Courses are run at the weekends, there is
a jewellery school there Mon. to Fri., places are limited, usually 10
to 12 people per course. I am doing the casting course the weekend
after next, second time, and I have also done setting 1 and 2. I found
them very enjoyable and like everything here in Ireland, laid back and
friendly. They also provide an accommodation list. Kilkenny is a great
city with plenty of night life and students usually avail of the local
hostelries to discuss the course and sample the local brew. All in all
a good course and a great week end.

Neil KilBane