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Workshops across the US

I’ll be heading out in a few weeks, to cross the country from
Florida to California, by way of Nashville, TN Kansas City, MO,
Chicago IL, Minneapolis, MN, Sioux Falls, SD, Reno NV, and San Diego.
Four thousand miles, and not nearly enough stops along the way,
except where there are too many for the time between stops…

I’m working on getting my schedule organized, and updating it on my
website as people request and suggest stops. There are some
conventions that I’ll be attending, over whose timing and location I
have no control, but the rest of the trip is up to my students and

I’m also trying to figure out how I’m coming back, but it will
probably be by way of Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Houston, and New
Orleans. Please see my website for updates, and, by all means, email
me or call me with requests, suggestions, etc. :slight_smile: