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[Workshop] Wire Knotting Techniques


Some of you have probably already heard from me, if you were on my
list of folks to be notified, but I figured I’d go ahead and post it
here, too. I’m getting ready to take off on another driving tour,
stopping in a few places to teach folks how to tie knots in wire.
Currently planned stops are in Chicago IL (July 13-14), Minneapolis
MN (July 16-17), Kansas City KS (20-23), and possibly Little Rock AR
(July 25-26).

I’ve already gotten a pretty good response in Chicago, but there are
still some openings. The other places only have a few names on the
list so far, so I have plenty of room for more students. (Up to ten
in each class.)

There are two workshops, and one may either take the first one, or
both, since the second class builds on gained in the
first one.

On the first day we will create a silver Prolong Knot bracelet,
using a little less than six feet of 18ga fine silver wire, which
will be ready to wear when we complete the class. Wire and tools
will be provided. On the second day we will be doing the Turk’s
Head, and each student will leave with a silver ring made in their
own size (with luck!) and the knowledge, needed to create rings in
any size. Again, wire and tools provided – no need to bring
anything except a willingness to learn and the ability to pull on
something with at most twenty pounds of tension.

I have a host in Chicago, and one in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but I’m
still struggling to get organized in Kansas City. I’m not certain
how the Little Rock workshop will go – unless I get at least another
four or five students for that one, it may not happen at all.

There’s a map of my proposed route here, strictly tentative:

The bracelet workshop is discussed in more detail here:

I’m sorry not to have as much detail on the ring workshop, but think
of any of the rings that are displayed on my website, then picture
yourself making something like that in silver wire.

More is linked from the opening page of my website, or
you can respond directly to me, off-list.



I’ll be heading up to Boston in a couple of weeks, and there are
still some openings in several workshops along the way up and back.
I’ll be stopping in Surfside Beach, SC, on the 8th, to teach Prolong
Knot bracelets, then again on the 21st to teach Turk’s Head rings on
my way home.

Next stop north will be in Maryland, just outside of DC, Riverdale
Heights. Again, Prolong Knots on the 9th, an evening class starting
around 5:30PM, since it’s a week-night. Returning, i’ll be there on
the 19th, same time of day, to do Turk’s Heads again.

After a brief visit with my nephew in PA, I’ll head up to Littleton
MA, just outside of Boston, to teach another evening class, about
5PM, Thursday the 12th, bracelets again. I’ll be at Arisia in Boston
for the entire weekend, then on Monday the 16th there will be another
evening workshop in Littleton, for rings, before heading south to do
the others.

For signing up, or to see your sign-up status, see this page:

Yeah, I know – it’s mid-winter, and I’m driving north… :confused: