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[Workshop] Wax Carving, Casting and Mold Making

Wax Carving, Casting and Mold Making
A two day intensive workshop
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Instructor: Jay Whaley

Lost Wax Casting is an ancient process, modernized by the Dental
Trade, and an important part of commercial and art jewelry
production. This system of making a wax model, melting it out of a
plaster-like mold, and then replacing the wax with molter metal, has
many nuances that can assure a professional finished product.
Teaching this creative process has been a specialty of Jay Whaley, a
professional jeweler and instructor for over 30 years.

This two day, intensive, hands-on Workshop, taught by Jay will
explore the making of professional quality wax models, and casting
them into precious metals. Various shapes and hardness’s of waxes
will be covered, as well as carving strategies to allow for
balanced, precise wax models of a consistent thickness and finish.
Specialty wax carving, measuring, and layout tools will be available
for use in class and purchase. All hand tools will be provided for
individual wax work, and waxes, rubber mold material, and sterling
silver will be available for purchase in class.

Day 1 will be devoted to design, pattern layout, and wax carving.
Day 2 will demonstrate centrifugal casting of the models carved
during Days 1. Time will also be spent on Day 2 on finishing
processes and mold making for model reproduction. Rubber molds will
be made from finished pieces and injected with wax to create second
generation wax reproductions.

Workshop Topics

Laying out patterns, planning for carving; Balanced and symmetrical
models, and how to achieve them; Using fabrication and casting for
master models; Carving techniques and tools; Smoothing surfaces and
special textures; Hollowing Strategies, wall thickness, strategies
for good castings; Molding and reproduction for limited editions;
Tricks for carving and casting; Who Should Attend; Students,
teachers, jewelry makers, suppliers, hobbyists

Fee- The cost to attend 2 Day Wax Carving and Casting Workshop is
$200 (plus small fee for Wax Rubber and Silver used.)

Registration is limited. We can accommodate only 9 students on a
first come, first served basis, in the studio, so don’t delay if
this is your passion or curiosity.

For more feel free to call the Studio at 619.299.9619 or
email Terrie Masters.