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[Workshop] Vickie cole prillaman clasp sampler

Vickie Cole Prillaman Clasp Sampler Workshop by North Carolina
Society of Goldsmiths on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 6:31pm NCSG

A Clasp Sampler Workshop, August 20-21, 2011
Leader: Vickie Cole Prillaman

Pre-requisites: Soldering skills are required

Materials and Tools: Here is the list for materials. You may not be
able to finish every one we will be discussing but I will list them
by clasp and you can decide whether they want to bring materials for
all of them or just the ones you are really interested in making.

-Spiral Hook 14" of 16ga round sterling silver wire, I will have some
leather lacing for the students, or they can bring satin cording,
2mm, 3mm or 4 mm

-Puzzle Clasp 18ga sterling silver sheet, bezel wire, 14ga round
sterling silver wire, a stone, about 12mm +/-. The size of the clasp
will be up to the student.

-Egyptian Coil Clasp 20ga sterling silver sheet,16ga round sterling
silver wire, bezel wire, a stone, about 12mm +/-. Either round or
oval stones are best.

-Box Clasp 22ga sterling silver sheet

-Hinge Clasp 24ga sterling silver sheet, 28ga sterling silver sheet,
10ga 1/2 round sterling silver wire, Sterling silver tubing, 4.5mm
od/3.6mm id

Because we are making clasps you do not need a large quantity of any
of the metals. It will depend on how large you want to work and the
size of the stones they want to use. Sometimes making the box and
hinge clasps for a bracelet is easier than for a necklace, because of
the size. The stone for the Puzzle Clasp will possibly guide thei
shape of the actual clasp, so you may want to be adventurous on that,
not just round or oval.

If anyone would like Vicki to supply the tubing, or any of the
metals, She will be glad to, just let her know how many. I realize
some people don’t want to purchase 12" of tubing just to make one
clasp. Also, you will need 2 - 14ga jump rings for the Puzzle Clasp
and jump rings for the Box Clasp if they will be making it to
actually use it on a project. Tools: Basic tools they use everyday,
files, round and chain nose pliers, also a pair of dividers,
calipers, ruler, flush cutters,sandpaper, solder, ultra fine point

What to bring: Lunch, snack or money for lunch. Iced bottled water
will be provided.

Time: 10:00am-4:00pm both days

Location: The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC. The studio is located on
the second floor with stair access only. Lunch is on your own.

Maximum participants: 10 persons

Deadline: July 31, 2011

Cost: The cost of this workshop is $150 for NCSG members if
registered and paid by July 31, 2011. $175.00 if paid after July 31,
2011. If you are not a current NCSG member please add $20 to your fee
to cover membership dues for 2011.

Registration: Complete and mail the following registration form,
along with your check for the registration fee (plus $20 for
non-members) to: NCSG, P.O. Box 196, Pittsboro NC 27312. Also,
please RSVP to fetvedt at mindspring dot com, or call at 919-787-9874
(leave a message if we are not available), to reserve your space.