[Workshop] Tying knots in wire

In case anyone is interested, I am preparing to teach some workshops
over the summer, in various places. Right now a friend of mine in
Guelph, Ontario (near Toronto) is taking names for a workshop to be
held the weekend of June 17-18, and he says there are still a couple
of spaces. The first day I’ll teach bracelets, the second day rings.
Show up empty handed, leave with jewelry, knowledge, and most of your
fingers… (just kidding, but only about the fingers! :slight_smile:

There might be a workshop in July, in Michigan… have to work out
the details on that, it’s still up in the air.

I’m also working on a four-day stay in Van Nuys, California, in
early August, two cycles of workshops, same deal. I provide
everything you need for the class.

I’ll be at a few other spots, for science fiction conventions. I’ve
done some demonstrations at those that seem rather successful, and
I’ll have work in the art shows. Orlando in May, Nashville in June,
Atlanta in September, and so forth, with the details heRe:


The workshops where I fly in and teach have minimum student counts,
and I just had to cancel one that didn’t make the minimum. If there
are enough students for the upcoming classes, I’ll definitely show up
to teach them, but I’ve learned to establish deadlines… the
deadline for signing up for the June workshops in Guelph is May 6th.