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[Workshop] Tying knots in silver wire

Now that I’m home from the last trip, it’s time to plan the next
one… :slight_smile:

I’m doing more workshops in two-dimensional and three-dimensional
knots, with some advanced work for returning students and for quick
learners. You will leave my workshop wearing jewelry and bearing
tools created for the purpose, and capable of recreating it at will.

Current plans, at least for the next month or so:

November 3-4 – Workshops in St. Paul, MN.
November 6-7 – Workshops in Chicago, IL.
November 9-11 – WindyCon in Chicago, IL. Art show and artist’s alley
November 13-14 – Workshops in Cranberry, PA.
November 16-18 – PhilCon in Philadelphia, PA. Art show
November 19-20 – Workshops in Philadelphia, PA
November 23-24 – Workshops in Raleigh, NC.
November 27 – Workshop in Cheraw, SC
November 29 - December 2 – International Guild of Knot Tyers in
Orange City, FL

The conventions are fixed, but there might be some flexibility in
the workshops, depending on drive-times and how many students are
signed up. I need to spend more time if there are more students, for
example. At the moment there are still openings in all workshops

If you’re signed up for one of the above workshops, please give me a
response soon to verify that you’ve received this message. There may
be other emails coming your way, as well, but my organizational
skills are sometimes not all that great and I wouldn’t want anyone
to slip through the cracks.

If you aren’t signed up, and would like to be, either write to me or
go to the website pages listed above and use the form to get on my