[Workshop] [TX] Shell forming techniques

Workshop with Betty Helen Longhi- “Shell forming Techniques for
Jewelry” Presented by the Craft Guild of Dallas
Friday, April 13-Sunday, April 15, 10am - 6pm
Tuition: $495

The Craft Guild of Dallas.
5100 Belt Line Rd, Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75254

Jewelry with three-dimensional form is much more elegant and
professional looking than flat pieces.

In this workshop, we will use hammers and simple wooden stakes that
the student can make to create interesting and functional jewelry.

Shell Forming is a process that allows us to quickly and easily form
sheet metal into unique forms.

By working with the process, students will come to understand the
basic shell forming techniques of synclasting and anticlasting, as
well as, ways to make transitions from one form to the other.

Students will gain a new insight into ways to manipulate sheet metal
while creating a unique group of jewelry items.

Beginning and experienced metals students are invited.

Betty Helen Longhi is a nationally recognized metalsmith who creates
finely crafted jewelry and sculpture in gold, silver, and niobium
and pewter. A master craftsman, Ms. Longhi incorporates various
texturing techniques with forging, shell forming and die forming in
her pieces. Her work is recognized for it’s sculptural quality,
flowing lines and subtle use of anodized niobium as a source of
color. Ms. Longhi’s work has been exhibited at the Virginia Museum,
Delaware Art Museum, American Craft Museum, South East Center for
Contemporary Art and the Renwick Gallery Museum Shop as well as
numerous retail galleries. She has marketed her work through the
American Craft Council Fairs and Philadelphia and Smithsonian Craft
Shows. Ms. Longhi is a Distinguished Member of the Society of North
American Goldsmiths. She has received a number of awards including an
Individual Artist Fellowship funded by the Delaware State Arts
Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. A much sought after
teacher, Ms. Longhi has lectured on Shell Forming for the Society of
North American Goldsmiths and been guest artist at the Univ. of
Wisconsin and the Maryland Institute of Art. She has taught at
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Penland School, Parsons School of
Design, Peters Valley Craft Center and many more training centers in
the USA and Canada.

Marilyn O’Hara
Metals Department
Craft Guild of Dallas