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Workshop Toxicity and an Exhaust System


I believe this started with a person who had only a small window
and a bath fan for ventilation. My situation is very similar and
I solved the problem with bath exhaust fans. First, remove the
window pane by chipping away the stuff around the edge. Then
make a wood or metal replacement for the window with a 4" hole,
add an optional cheap dryer exhaust flap and fix it in the window
frame with nail calk. Buy three 8’ lengths of 4" wire flexible
dryer hose and a 4" metal T. One hose goes from the outside to
the T, two hoses from the T to two cheap bath exhaust fans (which
have 3" oulets, clamp down hose to size). Buy inexpensive
lengths of electic cord with plugs and attach to fans (they do
not come with cord). Use wire to have something the fan can hang
on then suspend them with wire or string from the ceiling.

This way I can move my exhaust anywhere in the work area and
adjust the height with the wire/string. From the solder area to
the pickle pot to the burnout furnace to the polisher. If you
have heavy burnout, use a larger bath fan to move out greater
volumes of air and, possibly, figure out how to increase hose

For my small shop this system is quite adequate, flexible and