[Workshop] Ti-Research Casting Machine

HI All,

There will be a free demonstration on the Ti-Research Casting
Machine with Rowen Csar from Germany.


Watch free demonstrations of the revolutionary Ti-Casting Machine at

Please join us for this special event, demonstrating a 2005 AJM
innovation award winner. Factory representative Roven Cser will be on
hand to answer questions and demonstrate the unique features of this
incredibly powerful but small centrifugal casting machine, along with
Chris Ploof of Chris Ploof studio, a user of the system.

Light refreshments will be served.

If you are interested in the wax working workshop using this


Ti-Casting and Wax Working Workshop

Instructor: Mr. Chris Ploof

Metalwerx is proud and excited to offer the first workshop on the
new Ti-Research Casting unit. This three day intensive workshop will
instruct participants in proper wax design layout and construction,
as well as the use of natural, organic materials for casting.

All knowledge taught can be applied to any casting technique, but
special attention will be given to the Ti-Research system as this is
what we will cast our wax and organic models with.

Day one will focus on proper and safe studio setup for casting and
wax carving with special focus given to carving rings with a stone
seat, as well as discussion about casting organics.

Day two will finalize the rings started on day one and in the
afternoon we will invest our waxes and some organics so we can cast
them the next day. Special emphasis will be placed on spruing

On the third day, we will cast and finish our rings. This day will
be open to the trade. Participants are encouraged to bring their
casting problems, and are welcome to bring molds that they may want
to inject and cast, time permitting.

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Waltham, MA 02451
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