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[Workshop] The Ring as Mechanism

The Ring as Mechanism

Saturday and Sunday, November 8th and 9th 2008
Instructor: Chris Darway

Rings do not have to be round nor static. This workshop is designed
to introduce basic ideas of mechanism in jewelry in a non
traditional way.The first day will be the construction of one of my
self ad justing rings from a “kit”. Areas to be covered are the clean
up and preparing of rough castings, making a stainless steel wire
spring, soldering sterling to stainless, tube rivets and finishing
techniques. The Knuckle Adjuster Ring© incorporates a knuckle
joint, torsion spring, tube rivets and articulated joints. It will
accommodate a size two to a size ten finger. This project has a
beginning, middle and end. Day two starts with a simple ring blank of
flat, round, square or other shape metal and is a jumping off point
for the students to make a ring that shakes, rolls, spins, makes
noise or has some sort of movement.

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